Pop Ups on Galaxy A51 How to Stop from Your Device Completely

You are noticing advertisements and you are looking for the  Galaxy A51  stop pop ups best method for beginners because it is annoying. Well, advertisements popping up on your device, including your homepage or within application means that you are using a third party application. If you want to remove the advertisements, it means you have to disable the application or uninstall that third-party app from your device completely.

galaxy a51 stop popups

If this case happens recently after you have installed an application. It is easy because you can check it from the Google Playstore to find the recent installed apps. After that, you can uninstall the most recent apps so the advertisements will disappear on your device. If the advertisements are still popping up, there are some good things to do.

Stop Pop Ups on Galaxy A51 from Google PlayStore

  1. To show the advertisement, this app will be active on your Galaxy A51. Go to the Google PlayStore to see the recently active apps. This is a helpful way to find an app that you have not used recently.
  2. Once you opened Google PlayStore, choose the three lines.
  3. Select My apps & games.
  4. Choose installed.
  5. Tap on Alphabetical and then choose last used.
  6. Choose one of the third party app that is most recently used. After that, uninstall until you can see the advertisements stop appearing on Galaxy A51.

Stop Pop Ups on Galaxy A51 Via Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome app and then tap on the 3 dots.
  2. To continue, choose settings.
  3. Scroll it down the page, and after that you can choose Site Settings.
  4. Select pop-ups and redirects.
  5. Toggle of the setting, and then go back to the site settings.
  6. Choose ads.
  7. Next, make sure that the setting for Add here is off.

How to Stop Pop Ups on Galaxy A51 Using Samsung Internet

  1. Open the Samsung Internet app
  2. Hit on the three lines
  3. After that, you can choose Settings
  4. Choose the Sites and download > Make sure that you toggle the block pop-ups on
  5. Go back to the Samsung internet menu. After that, you can choose Ad blockers.
  6. Download the suggested Ad blocker.
Samsung Global Goals

If you have Samsung Global Goals setup, the sign is there will be advertisements appear on the lock screen of your device during charging. If you have activated the Global Goals during charging, you will see advertisements on this device whenever you are charging it to earn money. For this reason, you need to disable the settings.

It is very simple to stop pop up on Galaxy A51 especially because of Samsung Global Goals. You need to go to Samsung Global Goals app. After that, open the Settings and find “Global Goals whilst charging” and then toggle it off.

If you have tried all methods here and you still cannot remove the pop ups on your device, it is better to contact Samsung via Chat Support. That is all the complete tutorial on how to stop pop ups on Galaxy A51.

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