Galaxy A51 Display with Super AMOLED Infinity-O


Galaxy A51 display becomes one of the big highlights Samsung tried to sell on the market. Back in 2019, Samsung got a big lesson that the A-series was a big hit on the market after concerning the features and the price options. Now, the company hits 2020 with the presence of the mid-tier smartphone and that is the Galaxy A51. What makes the Galaxy A51 … Read more

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Galaxy A51 Battery Capacity: Nice Middle-Range Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy A51 battery capacityis big enough that it offers 4,000mAh. Check this device on the market and you will love the reasonable price. It is at $399 and you will get an OLED display for 6.5-inch along with four rear cameras.   Well, the Korean giant may have stepped forward, by answering the demand for a mid-range smartphone. The competition is hot here because … Read more

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Galaxy A51 In The Box With 15W Power Adaptive Fast Charging

galaxya51 in the box

Galaxy A51 In the box is available to hit the market this year. This roster is just the beginning for Korean giants to start the battle on the market. Samsung’s A-series came out with more features and price brackets. The coming of Galaxy A1 becomes the answer to complete the mid-range smartphones.  You can put the A51 and A50 together to compare. The new model … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Performance and Software Upddates

galaxy a51 performance

Galaxy A51 Performance becomes the first history for Samsung to boot the presence of Android 10 with the newest One UI 2.0. It is good to know that the new models are available with the updated software. Perhaps you have seen the use of the 10/2.0 combo especially on some Galaxies, but the second design of one UI brings no difference from the original version. Of … Read more

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