Galaxy A51 Text Message Background On Change Easy Way

Maybe you have heard many things about how to change the text message background on Galaxy A51. Therefore, you spend your time checking your settings but still, you have no clue on how to change the color of the SMS bubbles on this device. Well, in this tutorial we would like to tell you that it is easy to change the background color messages on this device. It is also easy to change the main theme.


How to Change Text Message Background on Galaxy A51?

The latest update makes it possible to change the color text message background on this device. It is also possible to customize the default Message settings on your device. However, if you want to change the theme of the SMS, you have to change the main theme of your device. Additionally, if you change the tone of your messages, then you should read the second section that gives you SMS applications. Using these applications lets you customize the tone of your SMS and the theme of your messages application.

Customize the Theme of SMS on Galaxy A51

You can change the display of the tone of your SMS by heading to the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy A51. Here is the complete instruction to follow:

  • To change the text message background on Galaxy A51, especially the theme, open the gear icon.
  • Click Wallpapers and Themes
  • If you have never bought a theme, browse first. Alternatively, you can search whether you already have one or not.
  • Use your access to a theme library on your Samsung Galaxy A51. After that, you can change the background as well as the text tone on your device.

Change the Color of Messages on Galaxy A51 Using An Application

The method above will affect the entire main theme of your device. It does not work for you if you want to change the look of the SMS app. Therefore, you can try another method here. For example, you can use an application to change the text message background on Galaxy A51 by downloading the app to the Google PlayStore. Here are some useful applications to customize the text message:

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is one of the useful applications, allows the users to customize the text message background color on Galaxy A51 together with the theme. This app provides you many kinds of stuff, including more than 100 themes, bubble colors, and icons. There are many options available such as dark mode, light mode, or auto night mode with six different types of bubbles.

Color Message

Next, you can download and install this color SMS app. It lets you customize the theme, the tone of messages, the size, as well as the font of your phone text. It also provides you many Emoji language dictionaries.


The last choice to choose here is the GO SMS Pro app. It works if you want to change the text message background on Galaxy A51. This popular application also provides you with interesting themes, private messaging, stickers, and pop-ups. Even better, you can customize dual management, GO chat, and others.

Well, that is all the complete information to check out now! Hope you love this article!


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