Galaxy A51 Split Screen Easy Method To Use Turn On You Must Know

Are you looking for the best method to use the Split Screen on Galaxy A51? Split-screen is a multitasking feature and it is very helpful. It is what you need if you are using smartphones with a large screen display. This feature helps you use two applications at the same time, side by side.

galaxy a51 split screen

For instance, this feature lets you use WhatsApp and a browser to increase your productivity. Here is the tutorial on how to activate a split-screen on Galaxy A51. Follow the instructions below carefully.

Enable Split Screen Window On Galaxy A51

  1. If you want to run two apps together on one screen on Galaxy A51, tap on the Recent Apps button from the Navigation buttons. To do so, swipe up and then hold gestures just in case you are working with Gesture navigation.
  2. Scroll through the Recent App, and then find the application that you want to use on the top of this split-screen window.
  3. After that, you can press and hold the icon of this app at the top of the application review. Continue by choosing the Open in Split Screen View option.
  4. In this step, you have to select the app that you want to run on the second screen.
  5. After choosing the selected app, it will be running at the same time with a split-screen. You can use a landscape or portrait window by activating device orientation.
  6. Continue by resizing the split-screen application. Simply, click and then drag the blue line that separates the two apps.
  7. To disable this split-screen view, is easy. What you must do is to hold the blue line. After that, swipe it down fully to the bottom of your display. Alternatively, you can tap on the Recent App and then choose the Close icon.

Split Screen on Galaxy A51 TouchWiz

  1. Head to Google Play on your Galaxy A51.
  2. After that, you can type “Split-screen multitasking” on the search bar. After that, tap go.
  3. Now, you can choose the applications to open from the list of Dual Window Split Screen and then click on install.
  4. Once you have completed the installation on your Galaxy A51, it is time to open the app. After that, tap on the Split screen button. Here, you will enjoy the multi-window experience. These options are also available on the notification panel.


Well, that is the complete tutorial on how to split screen on Galaxy A51. You can use this split-screen mode on Samsung Galaxy devices to help you view and then use two applications at the same time. By using this feature, it will also deplete your Samsung’s battery faster. Keep in mind that some applications require the full screen to work. It means that some applications cannot run in split-screen mode.

If you find any trouble using one of the methods above, you can leave your comment under this post. Hopefully, the complete tutorials here are useful for you!

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