Samsung Galaxy A51 Performance and Software Upddates

Galaxy A51 Performance becomes the first history for Samsung to boot the presence of Android 10 with the newest One UI 2.0. It is good to know that the new models are available with the updated software. Perhaps you have seen the use of the 10/2.0 combo especially on some Galaxies, but the second design of one UI brings no difference from the original version.

galaxy a51 performance

Of course, Samsung supports the Galaxy A51 with a small improvement that is the Edge Screen. Before, you may hear the rumor said that Samsung would use the curved display. The edge screen comes with some features to complete the Samsung Galaxy A51. Edge panel is very popular as a nice feature to give quick access to actions, applications, tools, and others by single swiping from the side of the device.

Besides, the device has Edge lighting, this feature allows your device to light up in different peripheral glow, useful for notification styles and options you can choose. Additionally, Samsung provides Gesture navigation. This one lets you choose between One UI’s two sets of actions or the One UI 1 way when you are doing things.


Galaxy A51 Software

Samsung also supports the device with the latest interesting developments. For example, Samsung supports it with Dark mode. It works with UI elements in black and dark gray. Move to Biometrics, this device has an optical fingerprint reader along with basic camera face detection. You will not find any trouble at all when you are using the fingerprint reader.

To support the Galaxy A51 performance, Samsung uses an in-house Exynos 9611 chipset with a minor refresh on 9610 from the previous model. Buyers can choose some storage versions. First, it has 4/46GB, 4/128GB, and the last is 6/128GB.

The competition on the market is quite hard for this device. It is because Samsung has to answer the power of Realme X2 that uses Snapdragon 730. Meanwhile, the Huawei Nova 5T has used Kirin 980 SoC for its class yet it is still affordable.


Galaxy A51 Performance

Move on to the audio quality, Samsung Galaxy A51 has a nice performance because of the active external amplifier. Therefore, this device can deal with impressive loudness. Even though you are using headphones, the volume is still high, but with a little more distortion and moderate stereo crosstalk. All in all, it has excellent audio performance for a mid-range smartphone.

The next interesting part to talk about the performance of this device is the camera quality. Use it for a night mode, this beneficial feature can complete the ultra-wide-angle camera performance. The night mode also shows improvement, especially for the noise performance. Eventually, Galaxy A51 is what you need to take a softer image using a night mode.

That is all that you need to know about the new Galaxy A51 performance and software improvement. You can use this information to consider whether this device is useful for you. One thing for sure is that it would not be easy for Samsung to battle with other products even though they have given all things for Galaxy A51. It is because they have strong rivals such as Realmi and Xiaomi.


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