Galaxy A51 In The Box With 15W Power Adaptive Fast Charging

Galaxy A51 In the box is available to hit the market this year. This roster is just the beginning for Korean giants to start the battle on the market. Samsung’s A-series came out with more features and price brackets. The coming of Galaxy A1 becomes the answer to complete the mid-range smartphones. 

You can put the A51 and A50 together to compare. The new model has one more camera, which is the focusing shooter for 5MP. The A51 also has a better chipset, powered with the Exynos 9611. Meanwhile, the previous model supported 9610. Eventually, the A51 has a 0.1-inch larger screen diagonal than the predecessor.

galaxya51 in the box

Galaxy A51 Upgrades

There are some notable upgrades to see in this device, especially for the camera system as the highlight. Samsung supports it with Quad Bayer 48MP to replace the conventional 25MP borrowed from the A50. Moreover, there is an ultra-wide-angle camera sensor with 12MP. This is a big improvement since the previous model, A50 used 8MP.

Other than that, Samsung chooses to add the camera selfie in the top center of the screen which is quite different from the A50. The company also replaces the Infinity-U with the Infinity-O. The path of Galaxy A51 on the market will never be easy especially for mid-range competition. They have to walk with Xiaomi and Realme.

Realme X2 came out with a more affordable price than Galaxy A51. Both of the devices work with 128GB of storage level, even though Realme has 8GB of RAM that makes it sounds better. Eventually, the Realme comes with a more powerful chipset and longer battery life. Still, Realme is the winner, even if the A51 is still better for its ultra-wide and macro cameras.

At the end of the day, when you choose Galaxy A51 In the box, you will get a nice smartphone with some nice features in most areas. It is the right choice if we talk about the lightweight handset, a big display, and good battery life. The notable upgrade for the camera performance makes it perfect to take a shoot during daylight as well.

If you still choose Samsung Galaxy A51 even though the rivals we have mentioned above are available with the more affordable choice, this device is not bad at all. The premium brand has a compact and lightweight design, excellent portraits, super AMOLED display, and a fast-charging system for its longer battery life than its predecessor.

Galaxy A51 In The Box – Unboxing

When you open Galaxy A51 In the box, you will not see something different from its box. Even though it is available at the beginning of the new year, but there is no new look to present. The A-series still come with its iconic white box together with the glossy print on the top of the phone.

Inside of the box, surely you will find the device. Besides the Galaxy A51, Samsung also adds a power adapter with 15W, and it has QC2.0 from the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging unit. Even better, there is a USB-A-to-C cable, a set of earbuds. However, Samsung does not include a protective case for the bundle.

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