galaxy a51 features and performance full review

Galaxy A51 Features and Performance Full Review

Galaxy A51 Features make this device is available on the market with a retail price starting at $399.00. Samsung makes it an impressive phone for its colorful yet bright OLED display, dual SIM, expandable storage, and good build quality. However, Samsung still needs a serious improvement in its performance.

galaxy a51 features and performance full review

Available in 2020, Samsung Galaxy A51 came out as one of the biggest mid-range phones from Samsung. It was the first step for Samsung’s A series to hit the US market, by offering an affordable Samsung smartphone without paying $1,000 to have one.

Samsung Galaxy A51 features quality

Glasstic, Samsung calls the material they use to complete the design of Galaxy A51. This way supports the device to have a better quality compared to the 100% plastic phones. But, it does not mean that Glasstic is enough to create a premium look just like Galaxy S21 lines. Well, it is still plastic even though this device is much better compared to the other phones made of plastic at that price range.

Galaxy A51 Features a smooth design. Also, it has a lightweight body in size of 158 grams which is lighter than the OnePlus 9 Pro, 197 grams. This device is also available with an aluminum rim, which makes it look cool. The power button, volume rockers, headphone jack, speakers, and USB-C ports are on the bottom of the phone.

Check the left side of this device, you will find a dual-SIM card tray to insert two SIMs and an SD card with the capacity for up to 152GB. Now, the speakers that Samsung needs to highlight the bass. For the users who like the bass, it seems listening to music directly from the speakers is not enough. But, it is okay if you use the headphone jack.

Galaxy A51 camera

By spending $400 to get this phone, you will get a device with decent cameras. The main camera is a 48mp sensor, and Samsung bins it down to 12MP images, wide-angle, a depth sensor, and macro lenses. Even there is a front-facing camera to support you with 32MP.

The phone delivers good colors with oversaturating specific colors, including too much green or blue. The plants and sky pop make this phone looks a bit cartoony. Other things to know is the bokeh that should look a little bit more natural. Also, the phone still produces pretty accurate cutout and object detection.

Furthermore, the selfie camera in Galaxy A51 is good, that it delivers good color and dynamic range. Even it has good sharpness with the over-saturated colors such as blue or green.


At this time, the price of the Galaxy A51 is lower, even it just $349.99. But, you can even find this phone for less than $300. This price makes it hard to ignore the quality and the Galaxy A51 features. In conclusion, this phone has a great screen, nice build quality, good cameras, and a nice plus; a headphone jack.

Samsung also offers software updates for three years as the guarantee support. The quality and the screen look great with the high competition to deal on the market. This phone is the big rival for iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4A.

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