Galaxy A51 Display with Super AMOLED Infinity-O

Galaxy A51 display becomes one of the big highlights Samsung tried to sell on the market. Back in 2019, Samsung got a big lesson that the A-series was a big hit on the market after concerning the features and the price options. Now, the company hits 2020 with the presence of the mid-tier smartphone and that is the Galaxy A51.

What makes the Galaxy A51 have a better offer than the predecessor, the A50 is the addition of a new camera, called the 5MP shooter. Even better, the A51 has a new chipset called the Exynos 9611. Meanwhile, the predecessor used the 9610. The difference is also for the screen diagonal, the A51 has a 0,1-inch increase for its screen.

Galaxy A51 Display Review and Upgrades

The smartphone works with a Super AMOLED display 6.5-inch and the display resolution is 1080×2400 pixels. Meanwhile, the aspect ratio of this device is 20:9. The Korean giant supports it with an Infinity-O panel, which means that there is a punch hole for its selfie camera.

Another upgrade you can find on this device is the camera system. It works with Quad Bayer 48MP to replace the conventional 25MP of A50. The previous model has a wide-angle camera sensor for 8MP, but this new generation offers better, that is 12MP.

Another improvement is the selfie camera located in the top center of the display. It is different from the A50. Infinity-U was the previous technology, and now the Galaxy A51 display is powered by Infinity-O.


The Galaxy A51 has some sensible features to complete its launch. It also has a nice performance in most key areas. The Korean giant shows its serious commitment to offering more improvements than its predecessor.

Eventually, this device is one of the lightest smartphones in its class while still, it does not lose the big display. It also has a good battery life for its capacity. The best part is the camera department since it works for daylight photos for all cameras. It can generate great portraits and the macro camera is hard to compete against.

Well, it is safe to say that Samsung has a nice strategy to present this device. It is because they upgraded the software along with some new features. However, it does not mean that they will win the battle easily on the market.

It is because the competitor offered the same improvements as well. Most of the latest devices will come out with a more powerful performance for their chipset. It is because the demand for gaming experience is very high among buyers.

So, with the presence of better improvements, including the Galaxy A51 display, Samsung has to play carefully because the rivals are possible to offer their new generation at a lower price. If you think that Samsung A51 is a very important device for you that you must have, it is not a bad option as a premium brand smartphone.

If you like a compact and lightweight phone with a standout design, display size, and battery capacity, then Galaxy A51 is one of the right choices.


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