Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera Upgrades – Full Review

Galaxy A51 Camera has an impressive camera setup. Samsung adds Quad Bayer main unit 48MP that makes this device is very special as a mid-range smartphone. Also, you can use an ultra-wide-angle camera 12MP to replace the ultra-wide 8MP.

What makes it more interesting is the presence of a macro camera with the capability to capture through 5MP. It is much better compared to the others that work with the modest 2MP unit. The lens on the A51 camera is also longer than the previous ultra-wide macro Samsung phones. This feature lets you use the camera without sticking the device into your subject.

galaxy a51 camera

On the back of the device, you can find another camera 5MP as a depth sensor. Meanwhile, the front part of the device has a Quad Bayer selfie to deliver 32MP quality. The camera application is the same you can find on Samsung phones but it comes with some minor improvements. Thankfully, it works with One UI 2.0.

Galaxy A51 camera functions

If we talk about the function, it is identical to the other camera application. When you swipe to left or right, your device will show the available modes. Eventually, this device provides an option that lets you arrange or even remove the unwanted modes from your viewfinder. Swiping the camera vertically will switch the front or the rear cameras.

In the upper left corner of your screen, you will see the Camera Settings icon. This is what you need to control over the cam. For example, you can adjust the video resolution, location data, grid lines, and others. Besides, in this Settings icon, you can enable or disable the Scene optimizer and set the HDR to manual or auto.

Samsung also adds a Pro mode, such as ISO for the 100-800 range, exposure compensation, and white balance. Unfortunately, you will not find a manual focus or shutter speed selector. Now, let us talk about the image quality of the Galaxy A51 Camera. It delivers decent pictures but it is not something that drops your jaw.

The Galaxy A51 has a nice dynamic range, sharp images, and straight lines. However, the case is different when you use it to shoot fine details such as fine tree branches or grass. Samsung also removed the noises. At this point, it has nice colors with good balance and saturation.


The significant improvement on this device is the ultra-wide-angle camera. It has better sharpness and detail than the previous model. Also, Samsung makes the Dynamic range much better so that the device is an ideal choice for midrange.

On the contrary, the phone is not so good to take low light pictures. It is because the device has a soft output for its main camera and it is noisy. Therefore, the colors are desaturated. Best of all, the dynamic range makes a nice pick for you.

Those are all things you should know about Galaxy A51 and its camera performance. From this review, you can decide whether it is an ideal choice for you or not. Do you have Galaxy A51? What do you think?

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