Galaxy A51 Battery Capacity: Nice Middle-Range Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A51 battery capacityis big enough that it offers 4,000mAh. Check this device on the market and you will love the reasonable price. It is at $399 and you will get an OLED display for 6.5-inch along with four rear cameras.



Well, the Korean giant may have stepped forward, by answering the demand for a mid-range smartphone. The competition is hot here because Samsung Galaxy A51 has to deal with iPhone SE 2020 and Google Pixel 3A. One thing to highlight, the device performance could be better, especially the low-light photography and the decent battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Battery Capacity Review

Samsung completes the A51 with a 4,000-mAh battery which sounds quite large since the device has a slender design. The big battery and the optimized hardware should guarantee its efficiency. The runtime is still below average when you compare the device to other smartphones these days, for example, is the new iPhone SE since the rival has two minutes longer battery running on the same test.

When you are using the supplied adapter,Galaxy A51 battery capacity from zero to full within 2:14h. It does not win any competition, but it is quite decent. After 30 minutes, it supplies at 35%, and it is good enough. In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy A51 has a nice design with the OLED display for its attractive feature, but the middle performance, the camera issues in low light, and the short battery life can matter.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Availability

Having competition on the market, especially for a mid-range smartphone is not easy, for sure. The company needs to show its best effort because they are not walking alone here. For example, Xiaomi and Realme also have great smartphones in this class.

With its current price, Realme X2 is 10-15% more affordable than Galaxy A51. Both of the devices have 128GB of storage level. The Realme also comes with a more powerful chipset and it has better battery life. However, the fans of A51 will get better ultra-wide and macro cameras. Meanwhile, the main shooter of X2 is still compelling. Realme X2 and Galaxy A51 also come out with good displays. At the end of the day, it is still hard to make the Samsung Galaxy A51 battery capacity the winner in this battle.

Xiaomi also has A Mi 9T or it is popular as Redmi K20 in some markets. The price is as much as the Galaxy A51 with a similar storage capacity. The pressure is quite strong when Xiaomi also packs the brawnier chipset and the Infinity-O. Additionally, A51’s display has a hole that is different from Xiaomi with the presence of a retractable selfie camera. Besides, K20 offers a telephoto camera and Galaxy A51 has no clue. Again, if you still go for Samsung Galaxy A51, it means you only go with the brand.

At the end of this content, we can say that Galaxy A51 provides some sensible features with good performance in some key areas. It is one of the lightest smartphones with a big display without sacrificing battery life.


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